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My Thanksgiving Table, Final Product

24 Nov

After searching for creative ways to decorate our Turkey day table this year I came up with what I think was a pretty, cost effective, and festive look. I loved it so much i just have to share.

I decorated a few pumpkins we had left over from Halloween with metallic gold and white spray paint. Another natural element used were pine cones I found on a walk. Some of the pine cones were dipped in white latex paint (see here) and the others were left as they were found.  I also made some tissue paper flowers to tie in some of the colors of the season and wrapped the silverware with twine. Voila dinner is served!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are enjoying the weekend!  How did you decorate your table? Send me pictures I would love to see!!


Thanksgiving Cocktails

20 Nov

Thanksgiving is just 2 days away and since we have talked about printables and decor I though it would be only fitting to discuss some fun beverages that can be added to your holiday table. Here are a few festive cocktails that will pair up beautifully with your feast.


1. gingersnap 2. pumpkin divine 3. apple cider margarita 4. pear essence cosmopolitan 5. ginger apple bourbon 6. Honeycrisp apple sangria 7. harvest pumpkin cocktail