DIY Valentine’s Day #2, heart garland

3 Feb

If you love pinterest as much as I do I am sure you have seen this adorable heart garland all over the place. There are many different versions i have seen but I was particullary inspired by this one I saw on Etsy. I decided to make my own to go with the hanging piece we made last week. The garland is very easy and super inexpensive.

You will need…

  • Emroidery floss
  • craft punches in a few different shapes
  • glue (i used good ol’ Elmers)
  • a few different colored pieces of card stock

After punching out tons of your little shapes glue them onto the floss and let dry

Repeat this onto multiple strands of your floss altenting colors and shape.

Next week I will show you the final product of my DIY valentines day decorations all put together. I hope you enjoy this valentine’s day diy I know this lil guy is loving trying to get at them 🙂


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