Valentines Day DIY #1

27 Jan

Whether you will be celebrating Valentines Day with your special someone or group of friends, celebrating with your kids or spicing up your cubicle at work, decorations always help to bring in the spirit of the occasion.

I created this DIY with budget in mind. It came in just under $5 depending on the size desired.

What you need…

Foam Sheets in a few colors (i used creatology from Michaels)  

Embroidery Floss (coordinating colors w/ foam)

Embroidery loop

craft knife & embroidery needle

Creat a template using card stock








Cut out a few of your shape in each color foam                                                           Now taking your embroidery floss do a basic stitch around the edge of each cut-out.

Cut a piece of floss for each cut-out staggering them at different lengths.                 Attach it to the back of your completed cut-outs by feeding it through one of the stitches. Tie the loose end to your embroidery loop making sure they are not to clustered at one length.

Last tie one piece of floss to each side of the loop to give it something to hang from

 You now have a light weight hanging valentines day decoration that no one else will have. Enjoy and share the LOVE!!

What Valentines Day decorations are you creating?  We would love to see


Tell us your thoughts

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