Tommy’s Paper Plane 1st Birthday Party

23 Jan

Recently one of my very best friends little boy’s turned one and I had the fun opportunity to participate in the planning. His mom Sarah and I started brainstorming a while back for a theme and for some reason the idea of paper planes would not leave my head or my heart.

Sarah found these amazing DIY boarding pass invites and I started to work on the decorations. We knew we wanted to use a bright color palette that would get the kids attention and also to have paper planes everywhere.

I created tons of paper planes and strung them up everywhere, also stashed a bunch in the back gate so as the kids arrived they had something to play with right away. I also made a few fabric chandeliers to hang throughout the party. These homemade decorations combined with purchased balloons and tissue paper clouds made this quite the colorful 1st birthday party.

Sarah had cupcakes for the guests and a small cake for Tommy to handle on his own. I created printouts to put in the cupcakes and on the straws.

This was such a fun birthday party to work on. I had a blast perfecting my paper air plane making skills and watching his little face light up with excitement at all the colorful decorations. Happy Birthday little Tommy we hope you had a blast!


One Response to “Tommy’s Paper Plane 1st Birthday Party”

  1. Carolyn Vega January 23, 2012 at 3:47 PM #

    What a fun day that was! Very creative Megan on the decor!

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