Big D’s 60th Bday Bash

4 Oct

  This year has been filled with mile-stone birthdays for my family and the most recent was my Dad’s 60th birthday. My Dad is known for rockin’ the Tommy Bahama shirts so we decided to use that as inspiration for our party.

 We instantly knew we wanted to book the band Midlife Crisis. They are a great band based out of Huntington Beach, Ca. and were an awesome scene setter for the evening.

My Good friends Peter & Antoinette of Peter’s Gourmade Grill catered the night and the food was amazing.

If you have never been to Peter’s Gourmade grill check it out!! You wont be disappointed

The fun cake ands cupcakes were made by my very talented cousin Gillian of Gilly Kakes. She totally played off our Tommy Bahama theme when designing the cake and it came out perfect!

I went to see Jeni and Allison at Found Vintage Rentals for some pieces to really give us that old tropical fee. Their inventory is Insane and can add a pop to any event looking for a vintage touch!!

I also created a cigar lounge for our guests to sit and catch up. It was a huge success and there was not any empty seat in this area all night!

I purchased a bunch of cigar boxes, created tons of homemade decorations and spent days making mason jars and bottles look old and weathered. I have to say all the time was worth it! The party was a blast and my Dad was elated


Thanks to everyone who helped us on this event, and to everyone that came and helped us celebrate. It was so nice to see my parents actually enjoy a party in their own home and I could not have done it with out the help of all these talented vendors! I appreciate you so much, and so do my parents!

“best birthday party they have had”

I had one final surprise for my dad the night of his party and it was a huge hit! To say our guests enjoyed it would be an understatement. Please take a moment and watch this slide show from our home-made photo booth!

The props for the photo booth I found on Oh Happy Day and they are a ton of fun check out this website for tons of diy ideas before your next party!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A special thanks to my friend Courtney Dubois for taking all the detail shots. Check back soon to see the photo shoot she did of my brother and I for our dad’s gift!! I have to say she made us look GOOD!


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