30th bday and 4th of July celebration

6 Jul

I have not been able to blog lately and I feel a bit like a slacker but I have a good reason, I have been doing some serious decor crafting and I am excited to share. This past Sunday July 3rd my family and I hosted our annual independence day party. We have this party every year and it is always a blast, but this year there is a twist!! It is my 30th Bday.  So with this milestone rapidly approaching I decided, if we are going to do this party thing let’s do it right!

 I knew we were going with the red white and blue for the color scheme for the decorations so I was off to the craft store for  supplies. This is the paper I settled on headed home to craft.

I found this amazing DIY flower tutorial on Jesi Haack’s blog and I knew I wanted to make them!! They are so fun versatile and can be made in almost any shape to add a whimsical touch to your event. I used different paper textures to really make these flowers pop.

Along with these awesome flowers I created bunting using the same card stock and hung it around the pergola as well as on some of the chairs.

My Favorite decorative pieces were the chandeliers I made using fabric and ribbon. They added such a vintage touch to this Modern back yard and really brought in some texture and a feel of nostalgia to the decorations.

 I also made tissue paper pom poms and bought the cutest paper straws as an extra touch. Drink flags were ordered off of Pick your Plum as a last-minute savior! I ran out of time to customize the flags that came with the straws I purchased off Etsy.

My final fun touch was to purchase some fireworks. We live in Costa Mesa where they are legal and we set up a great show next to the pool. The reflection of the fireworks off the water made it such a beautiful evening!!!

 ( I also had to grab a couple sparklers for the kid in all of us!!)

Here are a couple of shots of my awesome friends that helped me celebrate! They are truly what made this such a fantastic day!!

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped me celebrate my BIG 3-0.

It was a fun-filled day with Food, Drinks, a rockin 2 piece band (which I wish I had a photo of) and DIY party decorations! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Independence Day. I know my 30th was one birthday I will never forget, and maybe never clearly remember but I can’t wait til next year so we can do it again!!

Grrrreat 30th b-day Party

                                                                          Cheers,  ** Megan**

Thanks to my good friend Courtney Veltri for the photos!!

 (I was not good at keeping up with the action that day) xoxo


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