16 Jun

Let me start out by saying that as I am sitting here typing I can’t help but to acknowledge the dried spray paint coating my finger tips. Now as all of my fellow manicure fanatics can attest to, this is a very annoying situation! However the process of getting here has been nothing but FANTASTIC.

             I have spent the last few hours cutting, gluing, folding, flattening, crimping

and painting all in the name of DIY shower decor. It has been an interesting

couple of hours to say the least. But as I sit here with a table of finished

party favors in front of me I can’t help but smirk and give myself a li’l pat on

the back. They are adorable, and so easy!

Just as most things that are

classified as cost efficient, DIY creations can be quite time-consuming. Besides

being lighter on the wallet (which frees up some $ for the important things like

a party planner) the feeling of satisfaction when you walk into your kids

birthday party, wedding reception or Bridal/Baby Shower and see your hard work

on display is seriously rewarding!

        Whatever the occasion may be DIY decorations and party favors are a great way to

spruce up the venue and leave your mark on the event. There are hundreds and

hundreds of do-it-yourself websites out there with amazing tutorials just

waiting to be discovered. Besides the Queen of all crafters Martha‘s website there

 are a few websites out there worth

 visiting next time you are in the mood to create.

One I am absolutely obsessed with is right now

 is TheTomKatStudio!  Kim Stoegbauer  is a DIY guru with hundreds of

craft templates easily accessed via her website or to purchase @  Etsy.  Another website that

deserves a visit is Intimate Weddings. Their DIY wedding section is full of beautiful home-made creations.

By using your own color palette and

personal touches you can be in control of making your special day truly unique.

Here are a few of my favorite DIY party decor images. I hope they inspire you as much as

 they did me and send me pics of your DIY party.

 I would love to see.

Love vintage brooch bouquets? Don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars? Make your own! I found a handy vintage brooch bouquet
over at FancyPants Weddings, Check out the DIYpomander tutorial over at Pizzazerie, Rice Krispies Cupcakes via
Pinterest, Learn how to make the fabricenvelopes over atDearLizzy. Flowers using cupcake liners is a perfect DIY project  I
found these with a tutorial @ intimateweddings.com, Read more at Marthastewart.com: Tissue Paper Pom-Poms How-To – Martha
Stewart Crafts
, Fabric flower tutorial @ Crafty Beats Polarcat’sFlower Tutorial,cupcake stand on HWTM made by Jessica at Modern Moments Designs , cocktail party design from Rifle Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.cupcake toppers at Etsy by tomkat studios.

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